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E-posters guidelines:

 E- Poster Presentation:

  • An E-poster is an electronic version/PDF of a poster presentation. The E-poster may include text, figures, charts, tables, images, and artwork but does not include any audio, video, web links or animation
  • The presentation will be viewed along with other presentation in a loop. The slides will be changing in a fixed period but will also allow an interactive viewing.

What is an E-poster?

  • The E-poster is a poster presented as a PDF presentation.
  • The E-poster presentations will be presented on a computer screen during the Congress and not on a regular poster board.
  • The E-poster system allows every delegate to see all E-poster presentations.
  • The E-poster system allows you to save a presentation on site either on disk-on-key or send it by Email.
  • The uploaded E-poster should contain the same title, order of authors and affiliation details as the submitted abstract.

 E-poster Instructions:

  • To prepare your presentation please use PowerPoint 2013/2010 or earlier, and then save it as a PPT file.
  • Do not enable document encryption or password protection
  • All E-posters Presentations should be in 16:9 ratio (Vertical page layout)!
  • Images and animations: Avoid overlapping, animated objects or serial animations. Only the final view/status per slide will be visible as all uploaded presentations will be converted and published in PDF format.
  • Font type: Please use Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Font size: The font size should be 14pt or bigger
  • Images and tables:
    • You are welcome to use images and tables in your presentation
    • All graphs and tables must be embedded in your file and have titles
    • Avoid animated GIF files and be careful to respect copyright and personal anonymity with your images or photos
    • Do not insert or embed any videos in your presentation

Limitations: As the poster is treated as a single poster presentation you should not have additional slides – only one. The file size should not exceed 16 Megabytes.


  • Please do not include audio in your presentation
  • Do not include hyperlinks as there will be no internet access on the E-poster screens.

 What format should I use?

The presentation should be in landscape orientation with a screen ratio of 16:9. As an example, to adjust your slides orientation and ratio in PowerPoint 2007/2010 follow these steps:

  1. Select Design from the menu tab 2.
  2. Click on Page Setup and select On-Screen Show (16:9) as well as Landscape.

The font size depends on the default width and height that is selected according to the above settings. Different values might require a smaller/larger font size. The maximum allowed size is 80x45cm.


All presentations must be forward to the conference secretariat no later than January 31, 2018, using on this mail: bionat.congress@gmail.com


Please note: January 31, 2018, deadline is final, and any presentations arriving after this deadline will not be accepted and the abstract will be removed from the conference program. Adding a presentation at the conference will not be possible.


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