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  • Why not give a gift to yourself or colleagues that will be scientific life-changing.

    I’m talking about the gift of knowledge of fascinating nano field?

    The gift of opportunity.
    The gift of career development full of broad-spectrum applications.
    To be ahead of the pack next year and for years to come. 

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“Production & Transfer of Knowledge for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology”

2 April 2019

ملتقى بيونات الأول

إنتاج ونقل المعرفة لعلوم النانو وتطبيقاتها 

للتسجيل انقر على الرابط التالى




“Scientific Writing for Researchers: Mastering the Art of Clarity and Style”

31 March 2019

ورشة عمل

 أسس الكتابة العلمية والنشر الدولي المميز

للتسجيل انقر على الرابط التالى


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Workshop Registration Fees for National / International Participants:

Category Early Bird

1 Oct 2018– 30 Nov 2018


1 Dec 2018– 31 Jan 2019


1 Feb 2019 – 30 Mar 2019

Attendant 300EGP / EUR 50 350EGP / EUR 60 400EGP / EUR 70

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Payment Details of Scientific Writing Workshop for non-Egyptians

Payment Details of Nano-Day Mini-Symposium for non-Egyptians

:انقر على هذا الرابط لتحميل ملف

تعليمات دفع رسوم الاشتراك للمصريين بورشة الكتابة العلمية

تعليمات دفع رسوم الاشتراك للمصريين بورشة النانو تكنولوجي

*Workshop package includes workshop bag; workshop book (CD); Certificate of Attendance; Daily coffee breaks and Non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Also, you may like to register your membership in The Euro-Mediterranean Association of Life Sciences (EMALS) society and get your certificate before the day’s over.
  • Alongside that, you can get Two Certificates before the day’s over if you add up to Day charges 500 EGP/250 Euro for Foreigners to attend “ the 6thBioNat congress (BioNat-VI) titled “Euro-Mediterranean conferences of Pharma, Biomedicine, and Life Sciences” in Cairo, Egypt during 1-2 April 2019 and benefits of Conference package including Conference bag; Abstract book (CD); Certificate of Attendance; Buffet lunch; Daily coffee breaks. As attendant you can learn from the invited leaders in their fields of Pharma, Drug discovery, Medicine, Nutrition, Agriculture and Biotechnology to present their prominent findings at the same venue of Cairo, Egypt of the workshop.
  • For more details:
    • call us on   + 01005812876
    • or message on What’s App. on  + 01005812876
    • or just send us an E-Mail on Bionat.congress@gmail.com

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