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One-Day workshop  #1 Titled

“Scientific Writing for Researchers: Mastering the Art of Clarity and Style”

31 March 2019

ورشة عمل أسس الكتابة العلمية والنشر الدولي المميز

Scientific and medical journal editors and peer reviewers continually point out that unclear writing is one essential reason that papers are rejected, and grants are not funded. Stated another way, anything that gets between the writer’s scientific message and the reader’s comprehension of that message derails the paper or grant and upsets the reviewer.

Scientists tend to imitate the academic, obscure writing that is seen in some medical and scientific journals and in grants, attempting to impress the reader with complex, long, and unclear phrases and paragraphs.

This workshop has been designed to help investigators, in any field, understand the root of poor writing, identify red flags within their own writing style, and craft clear, concise, powerful pieces that meet the requirements of the most demanding audiences within their professional careers.

This workshop includes:

  • Basic Writing Principles You Actually Know But Forgot About
  • What Makes a Poor Writer? Why You Might Be Your Own Worst Enemy
  • Saying More with Less: The Power of Conciseness
  • How to Impress Your Readers With Less Pompous Writing
  • Redundancies in Writing: Why Repetition Is Not Always a Good Thing
  • Significance, Impact, Innovation: Why These Concepts are Vital to Scientific and Medical Writing
  • The Power Behind an Outline: Simple to Create, Often Overlooked
  • Real-life Experiences from a Seasoned Expert
  • Before and After Detailed Examples: Show Which Revisions You Should Consider
    Making Too
  • Writing Exercises to Get You on the Path to Becoming a Successful Author
  • Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB): How to use and confiscate the EKB and benefit from it in the scientific research process

Nano-Day workshop #2 Titled

“Production & Transfer of Knowledge

for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology”

2 April 2019

إنتاج ونقل المعرفة لعلوم النانو وتطبيقاتها

The Euro-Mediterranean Association of Life Sciences (EMALS) and BioNats congress series want to welcome those who are concerned with Nanotechnology to go to a Nano-Day workshop about ” Production and transfer of knowledge for nanoscience and Nanotechnology ” composed by the 6th BioNat congress (BioNat-VI) “Euro-Mediterranean conferences of Pharma, Biomedicine, and Life Sciences” in Cairo, Egypt during 1-3 April 2019.

The Course will be presented by exact Timing from 10:00 am till 4:00 pm which will contain several lectures about Nanotechnology and its applications in various fields, as well as interactive coaching seminars where a picked gathering of movies about Nanoscience and Nanotechnology acquainted with the group of well Nano-experienced authors in Egypt will be displayed during the event day.

This workshop includes:

  • Why Introduction to Nanotechnology is a Demand?
  • What and Who could make Nanoparticles? and How?
  • What is the difference between Nanoscience and Nanotechnology?
  • Nano applications in Pharma, Medicine, Agriculture & Nutrition.
  • Using Nanotechnology or Nano-Biotechnology in my research?
  • What is the new in Nanomedicine, Nanotoxicology, Nanoformulations & Nano-Drug Delivery


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Workshop Registration Fees for National / International Participants:

Category Early Bird

1 Oct 2018– 30 Nov 2018


1 Dec 2018– 31 Jan 2019


1 Feb 2019 – 30 Mar 2019

Attendant 300EGP / EUR 50 350EGP / EUR 60 400EGP / EUR 70

*Workshop package includes workshop bag; workshop book (CD); Certificate of Attendance; Daily coffee breaks and Non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Also, you may like to register your membership in The Euro-Mediterranean Association of Life Sciences (EMALS) society and get your certificate before the day’s over.
  • Alongside that, you can get Two Certificates before the day’s over if you add up to Day charges 500 EGP/250 Euro for Foreigners to attend “ the 6thBioNat congress (BioNat-VI) titled “Euro-Mediterranean conferences of Pharma, Biomedicine, and Life Sciences” in Cairo, Egypt during 1-3 April 2019 and benefits of Conference package including Conference bag; Abstract book (CD); Certificate of Attendance; Buffet lunch; Daily coffee breaks. As attendant you can learn from the invited leaders in their fields of Pharma, Drug discovery, Medicine, Nutrition, Agriculture and Biotechnology to present their prominent findings at the same venue of Cairo, Egypt of the workshop.
  • To book your seat, just send us an E-Mail on Bionat.congress@gmail.com
    or message on What’s App. on  +20 1069599272 containing:
    1- Your full triple name in English
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