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Registration Fees:

Registration Fees for international precipitants:

Category Early Bird

1 Oct – 30 Nov 18


1 Dec 19– 31 Jan 19


1 Feb – 20 March 19

Speaker EUR 350 EUR 400 EUR 450
Poster EUR 300 EUR 350 EUR 400


EUR 250 EUR 275 EUR 300


EUR 350 EUR 400 EUR 450
Student* EUR 150 EUR 175 EUR 200
E-Poster** EUR 50 EUR 75 EUR 100
Accompany person EUR 100 EUR 125 EUR 150

رسوم الاشتراك والحضور للمصريين


1 Feb – 20 Mar 19


1 Dec 18– 31 Jan 19

Early Bird

1 Oct – 30 Nov 18


ج م 650 ج م 600 ج م 550 متحدث
ج م 500 ج م 450 ج م 400 ملصق
ج م 450 ج م 400 ج م 350 حضور


ج م 600 ج م 500 ج م 450 حضور


ج م 400 ج م 350 ج م 300 طالب*
ج م 200 ج م 150 ج م 100 ملصق الكترونى**
ج م 250 ج م 250 ج م 250 مرافق

*Reduced Student Fees are valid only for undergraduate and graduate (Master) students (NOT for PhD students) – proof of Student status must be sent together with the Registration Form.

**E-Posters (ملصق الكترونى): The fee charged for E-Poster is to display the E-Poster only on the website. The abstract will be published in conference proceeding book. The presenter is not required to be present in person at the conference. An electronic certificate along with the abstract file will be sent to the presenter’s email.

  • Conference package includes Conference bag; Abstract book (CD); Certificate of Attendance; Buffet Lunch, and Daily coffee breaks.
  • Registration fees are determined by date of payment, NOT the date of filling out and submitting the Registration Form. Also, the fees are determined according to payment date and under which category you registered.
  • BioNat offers group discounts (15%) to 10 or more persons. To qualify, all registrants in the group must be employed at the same institution. Group discounts are available only by Word Registration Form via Email. Reduced Registration Fees for student(s) and the group cannot be combined. If you have an interest for the Group Registration, please contact us with the subject Group Registration on bionat.congress@gmail.com

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Registration Cancellation Policy

 Registration fees will be refunded as follows:

Cancellation Date Refund Rate
Prior to 1 November 2018 100% (Full Refund)
1 December 2018– 31 January 2019 50%
1–28 February 2019 25%
1 March 2019 onwards No refund


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