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 “Mastering the Art of Clarity and Style in Scientific Writing”

 أسس الكتابة العلمية والنشر الدولي المميز

18 March 2021

Scientific and medical journal editors and peer reviewers continually point out that unclear writing is one essential reason that papers are rejected, and grants are not funded. Stated another way, anything that gets between the writer’s scientific message and the reader’s comprehension of that message derails the paper or grant and upsets the reviewer.

Scientists tend to imitate the academic, obscure writing that is seen in some medical and scientific journals and in grants, attempting to impress the reader with complex, long, and unclear phrases and paragraphs.

This workshop has been designed to help investigators, in any field, understand the root of poor writing, identify red flags within their own writing style, and craft clear, concise, powerful pieces that meet the requirements of the most demanding audiences within their professional careers.

This workshop includes:

  • Basic Writing Principles You Actually Know But Forgot About
  • What Makes a Poor Writer? Why You Might Be Your Own Worst Enemy
  • Saying More with Less: The Power of Conciseness
  • How to Impress Your Readers With Less Pompous Writing
  • Redundancies in Writing: Why Repetition Is Not Always a Good Thing
  • Significance, Impact, Innovation: Why These Concepts are Vital to Scientific and Medical Writing
  • The Power Behind an Outline: Simple to Create, Often Overlooked
  • Real-life Experiences from a Seasoned Expert
  • Before and After Detailed Examples: Show Which Revisions You Should Consider Making Too
  • Writing Exercises to Get You on the Path to Becoming a Successful Author
  • Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB): How to use and confiscate the EKB and benefit from it in the scientific research process.

Confirmed Lecturers/Instructors 

Ashraf Khalil -Basic Writing Principles (3)

Mahmoud Abdel-Aty slide

Amal Kasry -_Significance, Impact and Innovation(3) (1)

Nermin A. I. E. Osman (2)


Workshop Registration Fees for National / International Participants:

Category Early Bird

1 Oct  – 30 Nov 2020


1 Dec 2020 – 31 Jan 2021


1 Feb 2021 – 18 March 2021

Attendant 250 EGP / EUR 40 300 EGP / EUR 50 350 EGP / EUR 60

Register for the workshop:

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Payment Details of Scientific Writing Workshop:


1- For Egyptians

تعليمات دفع الرسوم للمصريين

سداد عن طريق الموبايل

– برجاء سداد الرسوم بالاضافة الي عمولة التحويل .

ارسال رسالة واتساب علي نفس الرقم  متضمنة الاسم وجهة العمل ونوع الاشتراك (حضور، بوستر، محاضرة أو شركة) والمبلغ المدفوع .

الحصول علي تيكيت


2- For non-Egyptians

Bank Transfer (From Outside Egypt):

Bank Name The National Bank of Egypt
Bank SWIFT Number 217
Bank Account Number or IBAN  Number (USD)
Bank Account Number or IBAN  Number (EURO)

 Please send a scan of your bank transfer to the BioNat Conference Secretariat at Email: bionat.congress@gmail.com 

Banking Payment Instructions: The participants themselves must pay all banking charges. BioNat should receive the net amount of the participant’s grand total. Please ensure that the participant’s name, address and BioNat name, as well as the payment type (early bird, middle or late registration fees), are stated on all payment and transfer documents. 

*Workshop package includes workshop bag; workshop book (CD); Certificate of Attendance; Coffee break and Light lunch.

  • Alongside that, you can get Two Certificates before the day’s over if you attend “ the 7th BioNat congress (BioNat-VII) titled “Euro-Mediterranean conferences of Pharma, Biomedicine, and Life Sciences” in Cairo, Egypt during 20-21 March 2021 and benefits of Conference package including Conference bag; Abstract book (CD); Certificate of Attendance; Buffet lunch; Daily coffee breaks. As attendant you can learn from the invited leaders in their fields of Pharma, Drug discovery, Medicine, Nutrition, Agriculture and Biotechnology to present their prominent findings at the same venue of Cairo, Egypt of the workshop.


Registration Cancellation Policy

Any paid registration fees will be refunded just after April 1, 2019, according to the following rules:

Cancellation Date Refund Rate
Prior to 30 November 2020 100% (full refund)
1 December 2020 – 31 January 2021 50%
1 – 28 February 2021 25%
1 March 2021 on wards No refund

Important Notes:

    • Only one payment method is allowed to be used for participation in the workshop.
    • Both the conference and the workshops are financially and organizationally independent of each other.
    • The Registration fees do not include money transfer fees and bank charges So, please add them when making transactions (otherwise we will send you an additional Invoice for transaction costs).
    • Registration fees are determined by the date of payment, NOT the date of filling out and submitting the Registration Form. Also, the fees are determined according to which category you registered.
    • An invitation letter will be issued upon payment the fees for formalities and Entry Visa requirements.

For more details:

  • You may just send us an E-Mail to congress@gmail.com

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