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Special Issue

Proceedings of BioNat-6 will be published as a Special Issue in a SCOPUS-indexed Journal;  on the following terms and conditions:

[1] Prof. Ashraf A. Khalil (BioNat’s series chairman) and Prof. Kamal Moudgil (Head of BioNat’s Advisory Committee) are the Guest Editors of BioNat’s special issue.

[2] The Guest Editors will be given authority to accept or reject manuscripts and will ensure that the contributions meet the scientific and academic standards of the journal and meet the other conditions of the journal such as reference system, abstracts, keywords, and figure and table captions as specified in the journal’s current Instructions for Authors.

[3] Authors Guidelines  (Click here),

[4] Submission Instructions (Click here),

[5] Cover letter  (Click here),

[6] Publication Ethics (Click here).

[7] The deadline for manuscript submission is April 1, 2019, and the Guest Editors will decide the submissions to the special issue according to the standard review process.

[8] The response with comments to authors will be by June 1, 2019.

[9] The acceptance/rejection letter will be sent out by July 1, 2019.

[10] The revised and improved final manuscripts, acceptable to the Publisher in form and content will be delivered to the journal by July 30th, 2019, at the latest.

[11] It is estimated that the special issue will be published by September 2019 and comprise of 10-15 papers.

[12] The individual authors will transfer copyright in their articles to the Publisher in the same manner as all other contributors to the journal. No paper will be published without an accompanying transfer of copyright form.

[13] The processing and publication fees will be paid only for the accepted manuscript and should be paid before July 15, 2019.

[14]    Important Notes:

  • No direct communication from the authors to the journal is allowed under any circumstances.
  • Accepted abstracts are eligible to submit manuscripts but not obligatory.
  • Submitted manuscripts will not automatically be accepted.
  • Manuscripts that do not follow journal style, whose English is poor or whose scientific quality does not pass the evaluation process established by the guest editor will be returned and will NOT be processed from the beginning.
  • The decision of acceptance or rejection is FINAL
  • These guidelines are very important to keep in mind so that we ensure the highest possible quality of submitted manuscripts.

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