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Lordos Beach Hotel • Larnaca, Cyprus

Steal yourself away to a place of tranquillity and beauty … where the sunshine is everlasting, and the sea a Mediterranean blue… to a smile as warm and welcoming as the sun itself. Surround yourself in a truly unique environment of exquisite flowers and cool waterscapes. Here your every request is granted with pleasure. Set in a location that gently unites land with sea. The Lordos Beach Hotel ranks among the most prestigious hotels on the island. This, coupled with service that is as discreet as it is attentive, makes this hotel the natural choice for business and leisure. A place where visitors return time and time again to a warm welcome.




About Accommodation


1- Lordos Beach Hotel – BioNat-5 Venue

Address: Dhekelia Road, Larnaca, Cyprus

Lordos hotel website: http://lordosbeach.com.cy/

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2- Dhekelia Road, Larnaca

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